APK Viewer

[In Development]


APK Viewer is a tool that combines optical character recognition (OCR),

transliteration, and machine translation concerning texts written in the

Kannada and Sanskrit (संस्कृत) language. Mainly aimed to understand

adequately all works written by the revered Sri Sri Satchidanandendra Saraswati.

POC (Proof of Concept) Demonstration (Version 1.0.1):


Current Features:

- Open/View any PDF containing Kannada/Sanskritam (संस्कृत).

- Page zooming.

- Pagewise OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

- Pagewise Transliteration.

- Pagewise Translation by using MT Translation Services.

Change Log:

03 January 2022: APK Viewer 1.0.2

- Added support for Sanskrit texts.
- Added new custom .traineddata files for Kannada and Sanskrit.

Minor Changes:
- Added a Kannada Grammar Overview.
- Added a Kannada/English list of Vedantic terms.
- Fixing size of Splash Screen.

19 December 2021: APK Viewer 1.0.1 (Initial POC)

APK Viewer 1.0.2